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What's the Best Cure for Toenail Fungus? Click Here To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Fast

best cure for toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a problem for millions of people. It has traditionally been difficult to treat and cure. However, there are many treatment methods that can give hope to people who suffer with this stubborn affliction. Here is the best cure for toenail fungus:


Vinegar contains natural acids that have been known to kill fungus. This method might take a few months to show results. Pour some vinegar into a plastic container and allow both feet to soak for 10 minutes once or twice daily.

Tea Tree Oil

This natural remedy has been known to aid in the fighting of various skin infections, as well as treating toe fungus. Take a cotton ball and soak it in tea tree oil that is undiluted. Apply the oil around and under the toenail that has the fungus. Continue this daily until results are noticed. If the skin of the foot is red or inflamed, do not use tea tree oil. This could irritate the skin more than it already is.


Soaking toes in undiluted Listerine for 30 minutes is a popular method. Herbal ingredients are contained in Listerine that will aid in the killing of the infection. These herbal ingredients have anti-fungal properties.

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

When an infection that is lasting a long time and not going away, consider laser treatment. This is advisable if the infection has become severe. Laser treatment can be expensive, but it is generally considered the fastest and most effective way to remove toe fungus.


This method should only be used after the nail has been cut short and the nail plate has been filed. This will allow the bleach to easily go under the nail plate and penetrate the nail bed for the best results.

Toenail fungus can be an embarrassing problem. It can cause people to keep their feet covered at all times. By using some of these remedies, it may be possible to finally get relief from the annoying fungus. Every person is different, so you will have to see which method is best for you.

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Yellow Toenail Fungus: How To Get Rid Of Yellow Nail Fungus Easily

yellow toenail fungus
You wake up one morning, look down at your feet, and see a horrifying sight; most likely, you've acquired a common toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis. Toenail fungus is a white or yellow spot that looms under the nail and festers into a discolored, crusted form. Along with a hardened outer layer, toenail fungus can also be painful and slightly stinky! If you're suffering from toenail fungus, there are several remedies to help heal onychomycosis.

Over-the-counter Topical Gels and Cream Treatments For Yellow Toenail Fungus

Topical gels and creams are meant to be used for very mild toenail fungus infections. However, there are questions about their efficiency, so be wary of which over-the-counter medication you use. If you are planning to use one of them, you can gently file your toenail to allow more access and better healing when applying the topical gel or cream.

Oral Medication

You can cure toenail infections by taking oral prescriptions. The most common medications are Terbenafine, Fluconazole, and Itraconazole. If you are prescribed any oral medication, it can come with detrimental side effects, such as increasing the risk of liver cancer and forming skin rashes.

Vicks Vapor Rub or Bengay

Although these two products don't completely treat toenail fungus, they can inhibit the growth of the fungus. Simply apply either one on your toenail twice a day for a few months to stop the growing process.

Vinegar Mix

One of the oldest home remedies of time is vinegar! With a mixture of one part white or apple cider vinegar and two parts lukewarm water, you can soak the feet with the infected toe for up to 20 minutes. The acid found in vinegar helps kill the bacteria from the toenail fungus.

Need A More Powerful Yellow Nail Fungus Treatment?

There are powerful home treatment options available that can clear yellow toenail and fingernail fungus FAST without the nasty side effects of prescription drugs.

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Zetaclear can clear nail fungus within 6-12 weeks for moderate cases of nail fungus. This is hands down my favorite treatment for toenail fungus out of everything I've tried.

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White Toenail Fungus: How To Get Rid Of White Nail Fungus

white toenail fungus treatment

What Is White Toenail Fungus, And How Do You Get Rid Of It?

White toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is a fungal infection that makes the nail turn dry and white. The fungus may cause the nail to crumble, and pain and a foul odor may be present. A diagnosis may be made by a visual inspection of the toes or by a lab test ordered by a doctor.

What Causes White Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus can be caused by a variety of fungi and are present in warm, moist environments. Onychomycosis feeds on the tissues of keratin found in toenails and is highly contagious to other toes. Common causes include:
  • Wearing shoes or socks that are too tight, damp, or ill fitted
  • Inadequate hygiene
  • Painting toenails
  • Showering in a public facility
  • Poor circulation or immune systems compromised by HIV or diabetes
  • Treatment is necessary to cure toenail fungus. If the toenail falls off, the fungi may remain in the skin and affect new growth.

How to Prevent White Toenail Fungus

Steps can be taken to prevent an infection or re-infection from occurring including:
  • Wear properly fitted shoes
  • Avoid damp or sweaty socks and shoes
  • Wear shower shoes if using a public shower
  • Do not share toenail clippers with others and disinfect all tools before and after use
  • Do not wear nail polish regularly

The Best White Toenail Fungus Treatment

To keep white or yellow toenail fungus from spreading to other toes, treatment is necessary. A doctor may remove as much of the nail as possible. An antifungal paste containing bifonazole is applied to the area until the infection disappears. Serious infections may be treated orally with an antifungal medication. A home application of tea tree oil may be beneficial.

Need A More Powerful Nail Fungus Treatment?

There are powerful home treatment options available that can clear toenail and fingernail fungus FAST without the nasty side effects of prescription drugs.

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All Natural Toenail Fungus Remedies That Can Really Cure Nail Fungus...

toenail fungus foot treatment
Nothing is more embarrassing than suffering from toenail fungus. Fungus can make it hard to walk in sandals, use a public pool, or eve relax in your own house with your shoes off. Fortunately, there are several different home remedies that you can try.

• One of the most common toenail fungus treatments is tea tree oil.

By applying this oil to the affected area several times a day, the fungus can be cleared up in a few weeks. Unfortunately, this treatment can be rather labor intensive. After finding tea tree oil (look online or in a health food store), apply the oil with a toothbrush. Then keep the affected area still fro about ten to fifteen minutes to allow the oil to work. Repeat this procedure at least three times a day. After the fungus is visibly gone (usually this occurs after about a month), continue using the oil for the next month to make sure it doesn’t come back.

• Another common toenail fungus treatment is to soak your toes in a powerful antiseptic such as Listerine or vinegar.

 While effective, this treatment can also be very time consuming and it can get expensive. To use it, pour about one cup of mouthwash or vinegar into a plastic tub along with one gallon of warm water. Soak the affected area for about twenty minutes. Repeat this twice a day for about a week.

Of course, using that much mouthwash or vinegar can get expensive, so many people make a smaller batch of the solution and paint it directly onto the affected area. This will work, but it is important to hold still for at least forty minutes to allow the solution to dry onto the foot. By doing this twice a day for several months, the infection should clear up. Nonetheless, continue treatment for another week after the fungus is visibly gone to make sure no fungus reappears.

While both of these methods work, many people complain that they are too time consuming or that they require ingredients that can be expensive to purchase or are hard to find. Some better, cheaper, and less time consuming toenail fungus treatments do exist.

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A Treatment for Toenail Fungus the Doctors Don't Want You to Know About…

Home Toenail Fungus Treatments Doctors Won't Tell You About
home toenail fungus treatment
According to recent statistics, an estimated 25 percent of American adults will suffer from toenail fungus by the time they're 40 years of age. After age 40, these rates jump to a staggering 50 percent. With numbers like these, you can be assured that you're not alone in your battle against the dreaded fungus. However, knowing the statistics won't make it go away. That takes time, effort, perseverance and the right information. Here are some of the ways you can treat your toenail fungus treatment at home that your doctor won't tell you about.


Acetic acid, the active chemical in vinegar, easily kills the fungus that can make your toenails misshapen, yellow and ugly. You can soak your feet for ten to 15 minutes daily in a dilute solution of vinegar, but many people find that soaking their toes in straight vinegar produces the fastest and most desirable results.

Avoid Sugar

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans consume about 156 pounds of refined sugar annually. When consumed, sugar rapidly enters the bloodstream where it circulates throughout the body. This can not only result in hypoglycemia, reduced immunity and diabetes but also in rampant systemic fungal infections. Refined sugars are the perfect food for fungus and when they have an ample supply of it, they tend to grow out of control. Usually, candida overgrowth is the fungus most associated with this, but toenail fungus is another common side effect of eating too much sugar. If you want to rid yourself of toenail fungus, it's recommended that you either reduce or entirely avoid refined sugar in your diet.

Oil Treatment

Many oils, such as olive, coconut, almond, walnut and red palm oils, are great for your general health. However, you might not be aware that they're also superb for nail health. Besides keeping your cuticles and surrounding tissues supple and attractive, they're also a great toenail fungus treatment. They work primarily by clogging up the microscopic pores in your nails, smothering the fungus. When the fungus can't get enough air, it dies, leaving behind clear, beautiful and vibrant nails.

Despite what your doctor would have you think, you don't have to suffer with nail fungus or waste money on expensive prescription toenail fungus treatments that don't work. However, while these home remedies are indeed effective, they can take a considerable amount of time to begin showing results. The vinegar treatment alone can take up to six months to work! 

The key to a successful toenail fungus treatment is to start as soon as you see symptoms....

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Toenail Fungus Treatment - Over the Counter Products That Treat Toenail Fungus Fast...

treat toenail fungus fast
For as long as society has been expecting people to wear socks and shoes on a regular basis, people have been dealing with issues involving toenail fungus growth. Human feet simply weren't designed to be hidden away in a darkness, potentially moist environment that almost beckons fungal growth to take hold at some point in a person's life.

Naturally, toenail fungus treatment is something that most people are initially embarrassed about, and while people with severe cases should certainly consider consulting a professional foot doctor about their issue, people with minor cases of toe fungus might opt for at-home remedies instead. It's important to keep in mind that most at-home remedies are going to require substantially more time before your feet are completely free of fungus, but this might still be preferable to other options, since you're truly putting your treatment on your own terms.

The most common at-home toe fungus treatments usually involve giving each foot a thorough wipe down, or possibly even a brief bath, using a diluted, germ-killing compound that will slowly kill off the fungal infection.

Most people will use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in a 1-to-3 ratio. However, using things like sterilizing mouthwash instead isn't unheard of.

The treatments will need to be repeated three to four times per week for several weeks, although the length of time that a treatment is required will likely depend on the severity of the infection. Still, there are people that have had very positive results by performing their own toe fungus treatment at home, and they saved themselves a fortune by not needing to enlist the aid of a physician.

Of course, it's also important to address the root cause of toe fungus, or you'll simply risk reinfecting yourself in time. Make sure to never re-wear the same pair of socks for multiple days in a row, and always make sure that the inside of the shoes that you wear most often are clean and dry at all times, and your odds of incurring future fungal infections will go down dramatically.

While there are plenty of people that have had positive results using hygiene supplies that they already had around the house, it could be the case that you're looking for something a bit more potent.

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How to Treat Black Toenail Fungus Without Seeing a Doctor...

black toenail fungus treatment
Black toenail fungus is a problem that can be treated at home. Prescription fungicides are often avoided because of the harsh side-effects and potential for damage to the kidneys. Home treatments for toenail fungus generally take a longer time to work than prescription medications. The effectiveness of some products is also reliant on the quality and quantity of the primary ingredients.


Vinegar is a common toenail fungus treatment that can be applied at home. The nail that is infected needs to be soaked in distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for at least five minutes. This should be done twice each day in the morning and at night. Vinegar will eventually destroy the fungus but can take a month or longer to fully work. Additionally, the vinegar that is used must be strong enough to perform the task and should contain at least 5 percent acetic acid.

Alcohol Or Hydrogen Peroxide

Both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can be used as antifungal treatments for black toenail fungus. The nail needs to be washed and then soaked in the liquid for at least 20 minutes. During this period the nail needs to be pressed downward so that the alcohol or peroxide is able to reach the nail root where the fungus thrives. This toenail fungus treatment takes several weeks to work and is incredibly harsh on the skin because of the caustic nature of the liquids.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a type toenail fungus treatment that will help minor infections. The three essential oils that are used the most are tea tree, oregano and lavender. They can be used separately or mixed together with a neutral carrier like olive oil. The oils have antiseptic and antifungal properties that will slowly kill the fungus. The essential oils need to be applied to the nail for at least 45 minutes between two and three times a day. The treatment can take several weeks to work. Oregano oil cannot be used for more than three weeks at a time because it can have harmful side effects. The quality of the essential oils as well as the state of the skin and the toenail can all reduce the effectiveness of this treatment to a point where it has no benefit at all.

Aloe Vera

Gels or lotions that contain aloe vera can be used as a toenail fungus treatment. Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties that will fight an infection. It needs to be applied at night and kept on the nail until the morning. The quality of the lotion as well as the content of aloe can change the effectiveness of this treatment. Aloe is a good choice because it also has anti-inflammatory properties that will promote faster healing. Unfortunately, the treatment can take months to work.

All of these treatments have the potential to effectively treat black toenail fungus when done for a long enough period of time with quality ingredients.

However... there is a faster toenail fungus treatment available.

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