Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home Remedies Known to Cure Toenail Fungus

You've got all the right soaps. The clippers and nail file are always lined up in the bathroom. You might even pamper yourself with pedicures. And then it strikes without warning. Toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus doesn't discriminate. It can leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about the state of your feet.

Worse, a fungal infection poses a danger to your health as it spreads from toe to toe. You need to do what you can to battle this nasty fungus.

When you are in the midst of living with toenail fungus, it can seem like you will never be able to bare your toes again. Before you throw those sandals away, try some of these tried and tested home remedies that can offer you a cure from toenail fungus on a do-it-yourself basis.

Virgin Coconut Oil

People usually think of coconut oil as a culinary item. But this oil can be a beneficial ingredient for battling toenail fungus. Rubbing and massaging the oil into the area that is affected by fungal bacteria can help cut down on the infection. Coconut oil won't make the cure happen overnight. In fact, it can take steady applications for weeks or months at a time. You may need to go through a few bottles of oil before results can be seen.

Vinegar and Water
treat toenail fungus with vinegar
Is there anything vinegar can't do? This simple ingredient, in addition to a plethora of uses around the house, is also an at-home toenail fungus treatment. Many fungus-sufferers can attest to the fact that vinegar diluted in water can help cut down the infection. The fungus won't retreat immediately. Most people find out that it can take weeks and sometimes several months of daily soaking before the fungus retreats. You can also mix in some essential oils in order to add some extra astringent qualities as well as some pleasant aroma, since you will be lingering with the mixture for quite a while.


Soaking your feet in antibacterial mouthwash is surprising, yet effective, toenail fungus treatment. The advice is to do thirty-minute soaks for up to a month. Make sure to keep towels handy after soaking periods, some people have actually reported their feet being stained the blue or green color of the mouthwash.

Looking for a fast working toenail fungus treatment?

While the remedies above work, the only draw back is they can take quite awhile to work. A lot of people have reported using the above treatments for over 6 months before it cleared.

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Always remember:

The key to a successful treatment is to start as soon as you see symptoms....

A lot of people make the flaw of waiting to long to begin treating their nail fungus thinking that it's something "that'll just go away"...

This is the worse thing you can do.

It's crucial you begin treatment immediately.

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Also, here's a link to another toenail fungus treatment resource worth checking out if you are still in research mode.

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