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How to Treat Black Toenail Fungus Without Seeing a Doctor...

black toenail fungus treatment
Black toenail fungus is a problem that can be treated at home. Prescription fungicides are often avoided because of the harsh side-effects and potential for damage to the kidneys. Home treatments for toenail fungus generally take a longer time to work than prescription medications. The effectiveness of some products is also reliant on the quality and quantity of the primary ingredients.


Vinegar is a common toenail fungus treatment that can be applied at home. The nail that is infected needs to be soaked in distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for at least five minutes. This should be done twice each day in the morning and at night. Vinegar will eventually destroy the fungus but can take a month or longer to fully work. Additionally, the vinegar that is used must be strong enough to perform the task and should contain at least 5 percent acetic acid.

Alcohol Or Hydrogen Peroxide

Both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can be used as antifungal treatments for black toenail fungus. The nail needs to be washed and then soaked in the liquid for at least 20 minutes. During this period the nail needs to be pressed downward so that the alcohol or peroxide is able to reach the nail root where the fungus thrives. This toenail fungus treatment takes several weeks to work and is incredibly harsh on the skin because of the caustic nature of the liquids.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a type toenail fungus treatment that will help minor infections. The three essential oils that are used the most are tea tree, oregano and lavender. They can be used separately or mixed together with a neutral carrier like olive oil. The oils have antiseptic and antifungal properties that will slowly kill the fungus. The essential oils need to be applied to the nail for at least 45 minutes between two and three times a day. The treatment can take several weeks to work. Oregano oil cannot be used for more than three weeks at a time because it can have harmful side effects. The quality of the essential oils as well as the state of the skin and the toenail can all reduce the effectiveness of this treatment to a point where it has no benefit at all.

Aloe Vera

Gels or lotions that contain aloe vera can be used as a toenail fungus treatment. Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties that will fight an infection. It needs to be applied at night and kept on the nail until the morning. The quality of the lotion as well as the content of aloe can change the effectiveness of this treatment. Aloe is a good choice because it also has anti-inflammatory properties that will promote faster healing. Unfortunately, the treatment can take months to work.

All of these treatments have the potential to effectively treat black toenail fungus when done for a long enough period of time with quality ingredients.

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